FOSBE 2019. 8th international conference on Foundations of Systems Biology in Engineering.

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FOSBE 2019 Introducción

Computational and engineering methods are at the core of systems biology, synthetic biology and systems medicine. The integration of quantitative data from a variety of sources together with model inference and analysis techniques as well as control theory have proven valuable to decipher biological systems ranging from intracellular mechanisms to human disease. 

FOSBE aims at stimulating discussion and fostering collaborations among scientists, from method to theory oriented engineers to experimental and theoretical biologists, interested or working onworking on systems theory applied to life sciences. Major conference topics are:

  • Modelling of complex biological systems
  • Multi-scale and multi-omics data integration and modelling
  • Network inference and modeling (signaling, regulation, metabolic)
  • Analysis and modeling of stochastic and heterogeneous systems,      
  • Dynamics and control of biological systems
  • Design and control of synthetic biological systems and circuits
  • Systems biology for (red, green, blue and white) biotechnology
  • Systems medicine
  • Synthetic biology
  • Next generation methods and tools for systems and synthetic biology